Who/What is Jigyasalive.com?
Now, owned and published by Qualron Software Pvt Ltd, a software company based in Gurgaon, Jigyasalive.com is an infotainment website of its kind that publish content useful for people of all age group. It was founded On August 8, 2008, by Deepak Somvanshi in Gurgaon.

How does Jigyasalive.com create the content?
We have experienced team specialists who are experts in subjects on the website. We divided the responsibility of creating content according to the expertise of the team member. They do the research according to the assigned subject and create the content.

What are the audience/visitors of Jigyasalive.com?
Over 1 lac individuals read Jigyasalive.com and/or watch its video content every month. In addition to these millions of readers and viewers engage with each other and Jigyasalive.com on various social media platforms every month.

What is the revenue model of Jigyasalive.com?
Jigyasalive.com sustains itself through contributions from readers like you (Ads, Affiliates, merchandise, and sponsored articles), some advertising revenue, and financial contributions from the mother company.

How do
you ensure that the advertisers, sponsors, or affiliates will not influence the Jigyasalive.com content?
At the very first contact with the sponsors or advertisers, we discuss their requirements and tell them our terms and conditions (TOC). If they agree with our TOC then only we proceed further. We are committed to publishing the only content which possesses real facts to the best of our efforts. Most of the ads run with AdSense via the Google program including YouTube controlled programmatically. So there is no direct interaction between Jigyasalive.com and advertisers. Hence removes any chance of advertisers influencing Jigyasalive.com content. Sponsored content too verified first with facts and figures and then published.

Is my information safe?
Yes. Jigyasalive.com does not share any information you share during the payment process with any third party other than the payment service providers. We also promise not to sell or trade your information in any form. The data collected during the process is stored in a way that complies with the best data security protocols in the industry.
How do I get in touch with Jigyasalive .com?
For any adverting or sponsored-related queries, you can write us contact@jigyasalive.com. For matters regarding content published on Jiyasalive.com you can write to our Public Editor at guestpost@jigyasalive.com