About us

Jigyasalive.com is an infotainment web portal running with the objective to provide information to people from all walks of life to increase their knowledge in the field of their interest. We cover the learning requirements of students from basic schooling to higher levels. The contents on the portal are liked by people having an interest in Arts, Commerce, Engineering, travel, food, and Entertainment.  We often publish articles around current affairs, social ethos, literature, arts, hobbies, and study of the diversity of India and the global scenario. Hundreds of articles are published every month to fulfill the interest of valuable readers.

Jigyasalive.com was founded by Deepak Somvanshi. It was conceptualized and launched on August 8, 2008, as a homegrown project. Later joined a group of like-minded people having an interest in different subjects like science, technology, sports, and academics.

We regularly publish detailed analyses of current events in India as well as worldwide in fresh and unbiased accounts. We publish the information after verifying the facts so that readers get the real picture of the events.

We keep special care of the requirement of the students and provide information in the form of tutorials, topics of interest, and the latest News. Jigyasalive offers free information to its readers from all corners of the world. We publish opinion articles, analyses of issues, and Current Affairs (curated from various sources like books and material available on the internet).

We have covered the needs of students to parents, from job seekers to job providers, from history to future, from science and technology to arts, and from selling to buying.

 Celebrate the Information because the right information gives the right direction and a move in the right direction at the right time leads to success.

Jigyasalive.com is now part of Qualron Software Pvt. Ltd. since September 2017. Prior to September 2017, Jigyasalive was running as an informative website post submitted by Deepak Somvanshi, funded via the personal savings of the founder.  Our registration is in Delhi and the corporate office is in Gurgaon.

Today Jigyasalive.com is a growing community of 10+ Writers and almost 1 Million Monthly Readers.

The team of Jigyasalive hope affords will fulfill your requirement as a reader please don’t forget to write us with your suggestions at our Email-Id: admin@jigyasalive.com