Top 10 Brands in India for Kashmir Grown Saffron 2024

What is Saffron?

Saffron is the dry stigma of the crocus sativus flower also known as “saffron crocus”, used as a spice. The stigma of the crocus sativus flower is extracted and dried which becomes saffron spice. Dry stigma from tons of flowers results in saffron with fragrance used as an exotic spice in cooking and in alternative medicines not just in India but around the world. Other famous name of saffron in India is Kesar, Kumkuma, and Zafran .

To get the best Kesar in India, you need to identify the brand of saffron that provides saffron as per your requirement. As there are several varieties of saffron available on the market at different prices, one needs to understand the reason for the difference in cost and varieties from different brands before buying. The purest saffron strand has the sharpest fragrance, flavors, and has the radiant color.

There are 4 major saffron-producing countries in the world that including India, Spain, Iran, and Afghanistan. Among these, the Indian saffron produced in Kashmir also known as Kashmiri saffron is the most exclusive and expensive one. But, all that glitters is not gold. So among several brands available in the market, there are few who can be trusted, that is why you must be careful when choosing a saffron brand; we are listing the top 10 saffron brands from India that are popular for Kashmiri saffron in the year 2022. You deserve to get a genuine product, a total value for money.

Top 10 Brands for Kashmiri Saffron in India known for purity, high quality, colors, and taste

1. King Kesariya: Premium Saffron

King Kesariya brand of saffron is from a startup based in Kashmir and New Delhi entered the market in 2014. The King kesariya have an exclusive variety called diamond, claim it as better than mogra, the best available in the market from any brand. King Kesariya has been featured in many national news channels and international market readers.

The saffron is organically produced and taken directly from farmers in Kashmir. This saffron is good for pregnant ladies, medicinally used, and daily consumption. Apart from saffron King Kesariya is also into the business of dry fruits and spices produced in Jammu Kashmir.  When they launched their e-commerce portal the year 2014 they became the first to launch an exclusive portal dedicated to saffron.

2. Baby Brand Saffron

This is the brand that contains generations’ long legacy. It is from a family-owned business doing the business of saffron since 1840 AD in India; that means it serving this field for over 175 years. The baby brand is an established name for superior-quality Kesar. It is difficult to meet the expectation of the customer for a long period of time but the baby brand has managed to do so for over a century. Trust in the name is a result of tireless efforts from the management to provide quality over centuries. Baby Brand Saffron is of high quality and a characteristic deep red color.

In many surveys and study the baby saffron has been rated as high-quality saffron and is ISO certified that verify the product is natural and no artificial chemical is used. The major demand for Baby saffron is for cooking, for pregnant ladies, and for senior citizens’ use in India.

3. House of Saffron (Mogra)

House of Saffron is another big brand for the saffron in India produced in Kashmir; with no synthetic material used, House of Saffron remains one of the most amazing saffron brands. To test its quality soak it in milk or water for an hour or directly use it in any cuisine it will not disappoint you with its taste, scent, and color.

It will give a profound natural aroma and color to dessert which you will prepare with mogra saffron from the house of Saffron. Cuisine prepared with this will delight your guests and leave them to miss the exclusive taste. The packing is fancy and airtight gives the saffron a long life holds its quality. House of saffron has gained them a place among best saffron in recent time. This Kashmiri Kesar is the one you should attempt.

4. KeyNote Saffron

Keynote Saffron from Kashmir

As per their data available KeyNote Saffron is certified by the NABL Laboratory IS5453 standard makes it safe to consume. This brand has its office in Mumbai, Maharashtra. But purchase the raw saffron from the farmers in Pampore, Jammu, and Kashmir in India. This saffron has made its name in the European market and is in huge demand.  Recipes get a boost to their taste and aroma when saffron is added. This kesar (saffron) is natural, organic and no preservatives are added. This 100% Pure Original Kashmir saffron comes with a Vacuum pressed glass bottle to assure life.

It adds aroma, color, and taste to food items like desserts, biryani, and milk or where ever it is used, that is why it gained acceptance in the global market.

KeyNote Kashmiri saffron may be the answer to your quest for good quality saffron for use in the kitchen and personal use for skin and in medicinal purposes.

5. Lion Brand Saffron (Lacha & Mogra)

Lion brand saffron is also among the oldest brands which is serving its customers for more than 64 years. The business was established in 1957 to provide pure saffron at a low cost to the people. Lion Brand is known for lacha saffron which has a dark read stigma with a few yellowish red. Now, they have introduced Mogra saffron as well. This brand of saffron is unadulterated and can capture the natural essence of the spice. This brand provides unmatched quality saffron in this category in India. Cost is comparatively low as compared to other saffron with 100% purity. This is Kashmiri Saffron is in huge demand from within the country and outside India.

The raw saffron is transported to the units of the brand from the saffron fields of farmers in Kashmir. Though it is low in cost the organic Lacha saffron can be used for cooking (both vegetarian and non-veg), home remedies, skincare, and much more.  The high-grade plastic blister that gives it long shelf life is used for packing. You hygienically packaged, unprocessed, pure, natural, highest quality saffron. The product is known for pleasant taste, Aroma, Taste, and Fragrance.

6. Shree Murli Saffron

Shree Murli brand of Kashmiri saffron with a motto “Serving You Health”, have set their objective to provide only healthy products which are natural and fresh. This product is owned and marketed by Shanti foods.  Shree Murli Kashmiri brand saffron is immensely reputation because of the highest-quality product they offer. The demand for saffron increases in the festive season when every household wants to make the cuisines tasty, healthy, aromatic, and colorful. Few strands of saffron add taste and flavor to the food.  It is also used in the preparation of a face-pack.

It is natural & 100% pure Kashmiri saffron threads, packed in an air-tight glass bottle to preserve its freshness, taste, and texture for long period.

The genuine of this saffron can be understood by the fact that the Shree Murli brand takes this saffron directly from farmers of Pampore in Kashmir in India who handpick it from the farms.

7. Noor Saffron

The Noor’s saffron is unrivaled in its own way. This product is also composition of completely organic sigma which is free from adulteration and, preservatives.

Noor Saffron

With the passage of time, Noor’s saffron an unadulterated Kashmiri Kesar has acquired immense reputation for its quality, price range, and taste Moreover, the saffron of this brand is known for its long time span of usability, which effectively endures as long as a year with the same kind of taste and fragrance. This product is known for its quality that is too at economical cost.  By eliminating middlemen they guarantee their buyers quality saffron at the most economical price. It is natural and organic which is an assurance that there are absolutely no side effects of this product.

8. OMNA Saffron

22 year old brand , established way back in year 1999, since then they are offering high-quality and best Kashmiri saffron in India. OMNA Organic Saffron takes pride in clamming as one of the leading producers and suppliers of pure Kashmiri kesar in India

OMNA Saffron as the completely pure as a result it gives good taste a well as fragrance with dark color. OMNA Saffron is also available online to buyer. This saffron is good for health since it is organic and the quality is unparalleled. Saffron of such a surface, quality, and taste can be utilized to prepare various dinners, primary dishes like pulao and biryani. It is one of the most suitable products that can be used for cooking.

9. Satvikk Saffron

Satvikk brand also claims itself as the best brand of saffron that is also an organic product cultivated in Kashmir in India. This brand also provided premium quality saffron which is lab tested to ensure the quality.  Satvikk brand packs the saffron in air-tight packing to ensure its long life and freshness; it is suitable for use in cuisines, beverages, or consumption from pregnant ladies and in skin packs. Satvikk saffron is thicker and longer than other saffron brands. It is directly taken from the farmers of Kashmir, graded and packed.

10. Shalimar Saffron

Last but not the least in the list is Shalimar Saffron– a brand that has made its name in India as well as in abroad. It is in demand from millions of around the world. It’s thick and long saffron threads rightly blended with its deep color are the features that make it highly-coveted.

Shalimar Saffron is unadulterated without any synthetic color or fragrance.  This brand takes prides of being 100% pure and natural saffron.  Considering its reputation, taste, price, and massive clientele, this company is made its place in our top 10 list of saffron brands in India for Kashmiri Saffron.  

Regardless of its use it in recipes, drinks or in medicines, the final result will be enhanced. There are no side effects whatsoever. Cultivated in farms in Kashmir, it is processed and packed by keeping its natural property intact.   A small and airtight packing makes it alluring, enduring, and secure for future use. This guarantees that the customer will get natural product, a total value for money.

What makes saffron so expensive? 

Anything which is expensive is because of 2 reasons, first because of the difficulty faced in producing it and second is how much it is rare. The saffron is which is difficult to produce as well as it is rare or produced in small quantities as compared to other agricultural produce. Saffron is cultivated from the stigma of the crocus sativus Linnaeus flower manually. The flower is very less in number as compared land under cultivation and that too for a very short period. Once cultivated then it is left for drying, which again reduces its weight. In the end, the farmers get a prized, beautiful, and fragrant spice saffron.. Effort and time consumed in cultivation make it the most expensive spices in the world. One kilogram of high-quality Kashmiri saffron cost anywhere between Rs. 1, 50,000 to Rs. 2, 50,000.

Some of the Benefits & Uses of Saffron

Saffron is known to be used for a wide range of advantages other than using it to add incredible flavor and smell to the food.

  • Immunity booster: Saffron / Kesar are loaded with protective benefits that guard against fever, cold, and cough.
  • Insomnia: Saffron is useful for people who often face the issue of insomnia.
  • Aroma Effect: Saffron adds an incredibly tasteful flavor, aromatic smell and color to the food. It’s this property makes it to be added to desserts, mughlai food. In general, saffron is used to adding flavor and color to the food.
  • Women’s Wellness: It is well known fact that saffron skin pack gives good affect to skin color, it help women deal with menstrual cramps.  It regularizes the mood swings or emotional episodes in pregnant women.

It is safe to be devoured by individuals of all age group, far and away superior. For some people, who are old, have heart ailments and pregnant women it gives a better result.